Factors to Lookout for Before Choosing a Chauffeur Service


A quack nearly does what doctor is known for but that doesn’t make former as effective as the latter. So, the point is a Chauffeur isn’t a driver, but someone professional and certified for driving you to your destination. No matter, if you take on the hired chauffeur service while on the way back to home from the airport or heading for a business meeting, you lock the best drive when opting for the chauffeur service.

In case someone around you term chauffeur as another word for a driver, just stop him right away and get his concepts cleared in the first place.

Difference Between Driver and Chauffeur

  • As per the different traffic rules worldwide, someone above age 18-21 is eligible to become a driver after passing the driving test. On the other hand, a Chauffeur is someone a driver, who is certified and skilled in custom and professional and driving services.
  • A driver is designated to drive you at your place within the assigned time, whereas chauffeur assures the best possible ride with optimum protection for you every time.
  • The drivers are usually assigned mid-size cars or those entry-level luxury cars. Contrary to that, Chauffeurs’ only drive luxury cars like sedans, limousines, and executive vans.